Finding Funky Fabrics – A Trip ‘Up North’

Finding Funky Fabrics

Many of my followers will have worked out by now that whilst I’m not a native East Londoner, my bag business is situated in my beloved Walthamstow. That said, I’m a midlands girl by birth with a lot of family ‘Up North’. Over the last week I’ve been visiting North Yorkshire and have been really impressed by a range of new establishments well-equipped to feed my addiction to funky fabrics.There’s nothing quite like a new stash of cloth to get my pulse racing and my sewing machine purring at the speed of light. Here I thought I’d share with you a few of my new finds which will shortly be gracing the shelves of an Emporium in County Durham.

It’s quite an exciting development to have our wares gracing the shelves of a gift shop and just goes to show that their is an interest in our combination of practical features with funky fabrics and quirky embellishments. Talking to clients has reassured me that I’m right in sticking to  my quest for quality, individual materials. I can’t compete with the pricing of cheap and cheerful bags which copy mass-produced labels. Here at StowBags we’re proud to be a ‘making in Britain’.



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