A Purse is Born….

I’ve finally got around to making a simple ‘zippy’ purse with a little traveling strap. I’m still working on a more complex creation to incorporate cards etc, but I’m rather pleased with the cuteness and co-ordination my little purse creates. This was inspired by a commission for a 6 year old called ‘Anya’ who has just named my simple purse for me. Her bag was a wonderful bespoke creation combining fabrics celebrating Indian elephants and princesses. A perfect combination for a little girl’s purse.

Since creating this purse I’ve adapted the style in a variety of fabrics. It has worked particularly well in vibrant deckchair stripes and, in this incarnation, has been used as a simple zip-up purse, a make-up bag and a pencil case. The first one I made for me is a convenient place to store my tablets whilst my husband has used one to store his ‘wedding cigars’ in. It seems the ‘Anya’ has a myriad of uses whether it’s made of ripstop, laminated cotton, linen or velvet.

Now that the purse has earned it’s place in the StowBags range I’m working on a host of new features and improvements. I like the simple strap as it makes it easy to carry or hook securely onto the keychains which so many of my customers ask for in their bags.

Introducing the ‘Anya’ Purse.

This new Bespoke purse was created to co-ordinate with a child’s showerproof bag


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