Travel Bags – Traveling with Friends

As the weather gradually improves, and our thoughts turn to strolling in the sunshine, I have been commissioned to create a fabulous travel bag creation for all teddy-bear lovers. I’ve made many travel bags before but this has been something of a first. My customer has a furry friend called ‘Boom’ who accompanies her on her walks. Up until now he has resided, rather unceremoniously, in a drawstring bag and needed a better vantage point to enjoy her rambling.

The ‘Boom’ Travel Bag – A Rucksack with a difference

I have to say this unique request  for a travel bag /rucksack had me scratching my head for quite a while but with a crafty use of elastic and a harness contraption I have created the ‘Boom’ Bag, Her teddy bear will now have a great view whilst being securely fastened in place.
This rucksack has a number of additional features including a zipped back pocket to keep a purse secure, internal pockets for mobile phone and camera, an elasticated drinks holder and a side pocket for other walking essentials.

Creating original and unique bags for my beloved ‘bespokers’ is my favourite part of the job. My customers are a constant source of inspiration with the things they desire in a bag. I never cease to be amazed by just what a bag may need to do, where it may travel and what it might be require to carry. I look back at my earliest beach bags in deckchair fabric and marvel at how I’ve adapted to deal with a range of fabrics including  showerproof, velvet, taffeta and tweed. The list of bag features seems to grow week by week and month by month and I love it. It keeps me firmly on my toes and out of trouble whilst I continue to venture forth with my very own bespoke travel bag. 😉


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