My Bridal Bag – a personal bespoke project.

My Bridal Bag
My Bridal Bag

It’s been a very busy few months here at StowBags Towers. It appears that something of a status update is called for as, following a fabulous fortnight in the sun I have returned an official ‘Mrs. StowBags’. Despite all the madness that accompanies planning a wedding, particularly a few thousand miles away, I still found time to create a couple of special bags for the occasion including my very own Bridal Bag.

Anyone that follows us on Facebook or Twitter will have seen the bridesmaid bags I created and I synched this up with a picture of my own bridal bag on the big day. It made a nice change to be creating with taffeta and lace. It’s a little higher in the romance steaks than my lovely laminated cottons as most bridal finery doesn’t need to be practical and waterproof.

Making my very own Bespoke Bridal Bag

Making my own bespoke bridal bag allowed me to get inside the bespoking process in a whole new way. I had various fabrics and colours to co-ordinate with and with the aid of my trusty glue gun, some jewellery wire, Seashells and Swarovski crystals I managed to create bags that not only looked great with our outfits but had additional significance. (The shells were from Yorkshire and Paphos, two places very significant to us.)

My walk down the aisle also gave me a new insight into what is required from a bridal bag. I am completely useless at traveling light and even on my special day the idea of going without lipgloss etc wasn’t going to happen but all the practical features I normally work into my work and travel bags aren’t necessary. I did however, realise that my senior bridesmaids needed ‘handbags’ not ‘shoulder bags’ but were going to want to snap away to capture the moments so their bags needed to be ‘hands free’ at least in part. For my junior bridesmaids ribbons, sparkles and prettiness were the top priorities.

Making my bridesmaid bags and ‘bridal’ bag. was very enjoyable. If you want something unique and special to you and your wedding story you need only join the merry band of bespokers.

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