After Care

After Care

a symbol to show do not wash StowBagsIt is very important to all of us at StowBags that you know about the after care for any bag that you purchase. There is one important rule to remember and that is that our bags do not like to go in the washing machine, so please do not put them in there. If necessary they like to be gently and lovingly sponged or spot cleaned which will keep them both happy and gorgeous.


a symbol to show do not tumble dry StowBagsOur beach bags are happy, after spending time on the beach with you, to have a cool down and be hand washed in cold water, to gently remove all the sand. Leave the bags to dry naturally; although they may like the heat on the beach, they do not like the heat in the tumble drier!


a symbol to show some StowBags can be dry cleanedWe understand that you will want to have your StowBag with you at all times, and that may result in it needing a wash (depending on where you take it!). Any of our bags that have embellishments, can, if absolutely necessary, be dry cleaned.


a symbol to show the dye in some StowBags may transferSome of the fabrics we use, such as our dark denim, may stain if put near other light fabrics. Like a new pair of jeans, just be wary of parking your new StowBag on your white sofa! StowBags cannot be held responsible if any dyes from our bags run on to other fabrics.


a solution for the after care for faux suade bags use scotchgardIf you have a StowBag made of faux suede we recommend the use of Scotchgard before your first use, to prolong the life of your bag.


If you have any other questions about how to care for your StowBag then please feel free to Contact Us.


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